Thursday, April 20, 2006

We Don't Need Diets

The Diet Blog is posting about a plant from India that is reputed to suppress appetite. I'm on board with this comment:
Whether appetite suppressants in a pill form are effective or not - the overall concept is flawed. Any time you take a pill in the hopes of easy results - you fail to learn anything about healthful nutrition, better eating habits, or physical fitness.
I'm not judging people who use pills for weight loss. I've done it myself in the past, when being thin and beautiful were important to me. Now, however, I find it more important to be fit, so that my body and mind are fit receptacles for Spirit, and an appropriate channel for the greater work I have to do. I couple this motivation with mind training, breaking my attachment to food and examining my motives whenever I eat. (Am I eating for nutrition? Or because I'm bored, or depressed?) Whenever I find myself fancying the "vanity" benefits of being fit ("I'm gonna look so fucking hot!!"), I let the feeling pass through me, then gently remind myself that my devotion is to the Goddess, not to this temporary vehicle.

"Diet" has come to mean "something you do for four months to shed 80 pounds and bag babes". IMO, we don't need dieting. What we need is to make permanent lifestyle changes:
Anything less is just suffering.

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