Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Prayers for Mary Dwelley

My mom lost one of her closest friends yesterday. Mary Dwelley of Rochester, NY was taken in a horrible, freak car accident. (There's a photo of the car here.)

My mom was very close to Mary, having cared for her husband Bob during the last year of his life. As my mom says on her blog:
After her husband's death, Mary continued to devote herself to others in any way she could. "We are on this earth to take care of each other," is what she told me one day.
I didn't know Mary as well as my mother, but I met with her and even stayed in her home when I was on break from college. She was a sweet, giving, wonderful woman. This world grieves her loss.

Please keep Mary Dwelley's soul in your thoughts and prayers today.

Please also keep Tommy Baker and his family in your thoughts. Baker was driving the car that slammed head-on into Mary. He has had two surgeries so far; when he recovers, he stands to face charges. There hasn't been a full accounting yet, but if initial reports are accurate, Baker made a bad mistake while driving - a mistake that will undoubtedly haunt him and those who love him for years.

Hey, I came over to your blog to reread your recent yogani quote but got lost in the details of your mom's friend's accident. I'm sorry. Kudos for your compassion for the driver of the van and his family. Looking at his stepdaughter's myspace really brings it home...all these news stories, all these tragedies are connected to real live people.

May all beings be at peace. Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Thanks, Zenmom.

I just met my mom for lunch, and one of the comments she made was that Mary would not have wanted people to devolve into finger-pointing, anger, and blame over something like this. If there must be consequences, let there be consequences - but don't let the fact that people make mistakes pollute the world. She was truly a noble soul.
Well, we've all made stupid or careless mistakes in our time. My driving isn't 100% present - I notice how much more careful I am with my granddaughters are in the car.

Commiserations to and prayers for all who are affected by this - and I'm glad your Mum (as we Brits would call her) has a lovely, kind, son to have lunch with.

Namo Quan Shi Yin Bo Sat
Thanks so much, Sujatin.

Looks like the other driver won't be charged. I'm actually thankful for that.
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