Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My Ego Beat Up Your Superego


The ego of the typical Westerner isn't strong enough for him or her to be selfless.


Aren't we going to get stuck in that whole pre/trans fallacy dealio?

I mean there is strength and there is strength and the self-conscious limitations of the beginning of a self-aware ego are a neccessary step.

Something like that.

Well there is altruism and their is being so embedded in family/culture that you can't even fathom what putting yourself first is.
No pre/trans fallacy here. At least I hope not.

I guess I'm thinking more of flexibility or dynamism of ego, as opposed to strength. It seems like true compassion and loving-kindness requires a fluid view of yourself. You can't be caring for others if you're constantly worried about defending your own patch of land.

I like the idea of immersion in family/culture as a means of achieving that fluidity.
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