Saturday, April 15, 2006

Judas: The Original Suicide Bomber?

The recently translated Gospel of Judas is available from National Geographic. While the Pope may not think much of it, but for many others it is no doubt a fascinating find. Here's my favorite quote:
Jesus said, “[Come], that I may teach you about [secrets] no person [has] ever seen. For there exists a great and boundless realm, whose extent no generation of angels has seen, [in which] there is [a] great invisible [Spirit],

which no eye of an angel has ever seen,
no thought of the heart has ever comprehended,
and it was never called by any name.

The Nazarene then goes about giving Judas a lesson in Christ Cosmology, setting up a situation which actually lends some sense to Genesis.

I'm unsure this story actually makes Judas more admirable than the traditional Gospel narrative. Judas supposedly betrays Jesus at Jesus' own behest in exchange, not for coin, but for a cosmic job promotion. Haven't we had enough killing in God's name lately?

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