Monday, March 06, 2006


To my most excellent root guru and the precious Triple Gems, I offer homage and prayers. Bless me that my mind turns toward the Dharma. Bless me to accept the excellent Dharma as my path. Bless me that confusion on the path be calmed. Bless me that perfect meditative concentration arise. Bless me that non-religious thoughts cease. Bless me that love and compassion arise. Bless me to perfect both aspects of bodhichitta. Bless me to quickly attain omniscience.

The latest issue of Shambhala Sun had an article by Sakyang Miphan Rinpoche in which he referred to a Buddhist nun who alternated between laughing and crying. She laughed because enlightenment was so close to our understanding. She cried because, for so many people, it was so far away.

I feel like crying sometimes. I can sense that the truth - the true way of seeing - is skimming just below the surface of my regular vision. And yet I still get stuck. This crying isn't self-pity or self-loathing. It's an urgent, burning desire that the veil be lifted and the true nature of existence be revealed.

May I and all sentient beings find ultimate, unshakeable happiness in the unborn, unceasing clarity of mind.

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