Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Seattle Tragedy Claims Budding Bodhisattva

The shootings in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood are a tragedy all around. But it's even mor heart-rending to read about 15-year-old Suzanne Thorne, and to contemplate what could have been.

Nancie Thorne says she must focus on the peace and love that surrounded her daughter, Suzanne, not the violent moments inside the Capitol Hill house where the 15-year-old died.

"Her role model was Gandhi," Thorne said. "When things got tough, Suzanne would ask, 'What would Gandhi do?'."

Suzanne was a girl of inquisitiveness and dreams — a teen who loved studying about eco-systems, nature, animals and insects. She was moved by the writings of the Dalai Lama, and she was a pacifist who hoped to start a non-violent movement to end terrorism, Thorne said.

"And stop terrorists, like the one who killed her," Thorne said. "We have to take responsibility and bring peace to this world. There is too much anger for our small world."

If you believe in rebirth (and there are days I have my doubts), you can console yourself with the knowledge that Suzanne's light will eventually return to the world. I hope so. Earth is a darker shade of gray this week its absence.

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