Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Eternal Dance of Coffee and Water

Confession time: Before I took refuge, I hit Google to see whether being a Buddhist was congruent with drinking coffee. I mean, not that I'm addicted to coffee or anything. I could give it up tomorrow (give or take seven days of detox). It's more that I prefer to keep coffee in my life. Um, yeah, that's the ticket.

Besides, I live in Seattle. If I forsake coffee, Starbucks could have me deported. (Remember when someone tried to tax lattes? We came this close to blood in the streets, folks.)

Which leaves me in a conundrum. I like coffee, and in many ways, it helps me engage in a spiritual life filled with a full-time job and four kids. But caffeine is also a diuretic. If I suck down cup after cup and ignore filling my body with important things - like, say, water - I end up hobbling through the final hours of the day like a beached whale.

So I've set a bargain with myself: for every one cup of coffee, I must drink at least three cups of water. I tried this yesterday, and it worked well. It staggered my coffee drinking, and left me feeling far more refreshed by the time 5pm rolled around.

Here's hoping this continues to work. If not, I'll have to give up java...and look for a house in Spokane.

"Besides, I live in Seattle. If I forsake coffee, Starbucks could have me deported."

Hehe...thanks for the chuckle and smile. :)

I think that plan of coffee then water sounds good. It's keeping with the middle path I think.

Also, I'm sure that a lot of the tea that monks drink is caffeinated. So I'm sure it's not too big of an attachment. ;)

Unless you're main-lining it straight into your veins via syringe!! Then I'd be worried about you. So like I say, I think your new plan sounds good to me. :)
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