Sunday, March 26, 2006

Abdul Rahman: Still in Danger from The Taliban Mentality

Reports are that Abdul Rahman will be released soon as prosecutors "gather more evidence" against him. Since the man is clearly Christian, it's obviously a ploy by the Afghan government to get him out of jail and either:
  1. Release him in Afghanistan - which would be as good as carrying out the death sentence; or
  2. Exile him from his country.
Bush administration officials are labeling Afghanistan a "fledging democracy". Sorry, but no. This is the behavior of a dictatorship. Afghanistan is proving itself no better as a country than the regime that came before it.

This is why forcefully deposing a government - even one as detrimental to human health and happiness as the Taliban - doesn't work. You can take the Taliban out of power, but you can't remove the Taliban mentality from the hearts and minds of Afghanis. That's a spiritual change that must happen within the country itself. And no amount of firepower will affect it.

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