Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pink Takes on Vanity

Pink's new song, "Stupid Girls", is an assault on the commercial vanity of our culture that places appearance above substance. In an interview with MTV, she discusses why she wrote the song and why she can't truck with America's national pasttime of getting drunk on mindlessness:

People are going to think, "You're supposed to be a feminist, you're supposed to be supporting women," but I just can't support that, what the majority of these women are doing — or not doing, more like. It's just this mindless consumer culture, and it's such a wasted opportunity. Every time I see myself lying on that hospital gurney [in that video] I sort of wince. It's a $150 billion cosmetic industry, and what does that say about how we feel about ourselves? It's sort of pushing this image — shop, drink, party, don't think, shop, don't think. I just can't do that.
You go, girl.

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