Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Can You Die While Doing This?

I'm blown away by the transforming power of Deshung Rinpoche's The Three Levels of Spiritual Perception. In particular, the following passage is proving very powerful in my own practice:
We should keep a constant check upon actions [which include our thoughts - JD]. That is to say, we should be able to ask ourselves at any given moment:

If I were to die today, would this action I'm engaged in be really worthwhile? Would it be karmically beneficial? Is it really an action that I can afford to die while doing? Can I afford to leave this world on this particular note? Is it really that useful, that helpful, or even good for myself and others? Does this type of activity incline me toward more virtuous action? Whether I am still alive tomorrow or whether I'm dead, does it incline me in a virtuous direction, or otherwise?

(pp. 186-7)

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