Monday, January 23, 2006

The Six Perfections by Geshe Sonam Rinchen: Ethical Discipline

Ethical Discipline

The Four Powers of Confession

  1. The power of refuge
  2. The power of modifying future behavior
  3. The power of regret
  4. The power of promise

11 ways to help others

  1. Offer support in material activities, using only ethical means.
  2. Give friendship to those who are confused.
  3. Give advice to strangers whom you greet with friendship.
  4. Help and protect those who fear harm from other living beings. (We should seek to let go of our own fears, contemplating that perhaps we fear because we have caused others similar fear in another lifetime.)
  5. Give support to those suffering loss (friends, family, teacher, possessions, etc.).
  6. Give support to those in material and spiritual need.
  7. Support those who have different kinds of aspirations.
  8. Help people overcome short- and long-term hindrances to their well-being.
  9. Support those engaged in constructive activities. (Do not begrudge others their happiness and achievements, particularly in the spiritual realm.)
  10. Castigate those who are engaged in detrimental activities.
  11. Use any miraculous powers we possess to help others.

"The teachings are not a system of rules nor a fixed code of conduct to which we must adhere....Spiritual practice consists of knowing the teachings and implementing them in such a way that they bring about an inner transformation, extending our perspective beyond its narrow present limits." (p. 37)

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