Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I'm trying to keep an amused detachment toward some of my more...egregious examples of mindlessness. It feels like that there are moments where I'm trying to be my most mindful - and those are the moments when I'm likely to do something stupid.

Two cases in point:

(1) After leaving the bank yesterday, I couldn't find my car key to save my life. I didn't leave it in the bank, and I didn't seem to have dropped it anywhere. Frustrated, I went back to the car...and there was my key. In the ignition. With the car running.
(2) Went to the grocery store today with the kids. Everything went smoothly. Until I almost drove off, leaving the groceries behind in the cart.

Can you "psyche yourself out" regarding mindfulness? I think so. Mindfulness is about being OPEN to experience - not about funneling and narrowing your attention. It's an art I have yet to master.

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